Hopeless romantic. I love violet.

Last night I thought you were ignoring me
Because you're only just "seen"ing me.
It is better to tell me frankly
Than breaking my heart slowly.

I know you are too busy
And you don't want to be clingy
I was about to set you free
Even if it will be wounded my heart so deeply.

But then you came back
It seems you were taken aback
With all my dramas attack
And your only reaction was shocked.

I felt that you don't want to lose me
And you made my heart so happy.
Is there "something" already?
Or it's just me who assumes only?

Even if I try to resist you
I can't help myself from getting close to you
You are a hard habit to break
And I will risk whatever it takes.

I've been through a lot of pain.
Hope I'll never feel the same again.
Please be careful with my heart
Promise me not to tear them apart.