Mary Eichhorn

Summer Wind

Mary Eichhorn is an American poet and mountain climber whose works include this poem and about 5 more. She spends much more time climbing mountains than writing poetry.

Caresses full of promise and possibility
fan raging fires deep within me
Lips part to breathe you in
as your whispers dance upon my skin
I tremble, a shiver runs down my spine
I am yours and you are mine

How I long to feel your touch again
gentle, relentless, until I give in
Eroding resistance with effortless toil
I melt, fluid brought to boil
A wisp of steam borne on the air
free to follow you anywhere

I vow one day, someday I will
but here and now, a promise to fulfill
Thus, all too soon we must part
with ache and longing and heavy heart
Like tears to earth I fall, you soar
and when you go, leave me wanting more

Go play, tease and stir the stars
but find your way back from afar
with sweet bouquet of where you’ve been
enticing, luring, drawing me in
as I quell a jealous twinge
All senses roused, you’re mine again