Lawrence S. Pertillar


Is my lust for you too hot?
When I lick and nibble on your neck,
With it to do nonstop.
While you moan as the bed rocks!
And you ask...
'Are we making love?
Or just having sex?'

I never thought about the difference.
We should think about that more.'

'You know...
We kept our boots on to knock them!
And I now remember,
That was lust and not love.
But hot!'

'And the boots?
I forgot all about them.'

'So did I.'

'Perhaps we both misunderstood,
What the making of love is!'

'I wonder.
Suppose we both come to agree,
What love for us is meant to be.
Would we then choose to wear our boots?
Or would it make a difference,
As to who first does the more moaning?'

Let's have a cup of coffee and discuss this.'

I think we should.