The Maiden of my Heart and Soul

I am the author, please enjoy. I am a retired veteran. I wrote this when I was 18 and fell deeply in love with my now wife.

The Maiden of my heart and soul-
  by: TwilightTraveler

A fire burns within.
  Full of passion,love and lust.

From the soul that was broken
Reforged from healing touch of a Maiden

Forged for one last stand,
Fighting threw the webs of my existance
webs slashed right threw.

How can this be
To feel my own heart beat is a foreign

journey that was yet to be taken

Now an andventure to be held and story
to be told and life to be lived.

Its a waterfall of hope.

The battle to my heart and soul is over

She has placed the Jewel that is now imbued.
To complete the Transition.

Where heart and soul meet.