I wasn't into poetry before I started telling blank pages my feelings. I like to refer myself as "Stranger"

This love is a mere reflection,
Of what we hold for each other
The one for whom I lived is gone,
Now this life isn't worth living anymore
In this seasons of life,
I feel as if fall has arrived
I am but a falling leaf,
Going away from my tree
It isn't anymore, what it used to be
Flying away with the cold winds,
Fading away into the voices calling your name
I have too many stories to tell,
And only blank pages to listen
I am but a stranger living among strangers
Everyone else wouldn't even glance
Humans all by themselves, felt alone,
And now they're alone when others are along
Of course, the sun would feel useless,
When neglected by the flowers
The moon would hide in the night,
By the negligence of the stars
Is this the time when we move on?
From someone's betrayal,
From someone's death,
From someone's love,
Or perhaps from someone such as ourselves
I wouldn't know,
For I am a stranger among strangers
The coming winter of my life,
Might be the longest of them all
For the sun isn't there anymore
To melt the snow off my cold heart and soul
Let me be, let me go
Let me follow you,
For I am no one but a stranger
Among many other strangers