"Empty Mind And Hollow Bones"

I wasn't into poetry before I started telling blank pages my feelings. I like to refer myself as "Stranger"

Free birds fear cages,
Caged birds fear freedom
Which one am I?
I cannot seem to fly
And I cannot seem to nest,
I feel as if I have wings
And I am wingless at the same time,
Carrying this heavy head, burdened carcass
A soul is what I chase,
But all I have left is
Empty mind and hollow bones,
Living on a bare tree
Watching other birds migrate, to flee
I am just a bystander,
Watching them disappear from my sight
Even though their melodies have no music,
And their words devoid of meaning
I still wait for their return,
For them to tell me tales
Hoping in return, they'll ask for mine,
But even if we're of the same kind
Maybe our melodies don't rhyme,
Or maybe the question never occurred in their mind
Whichever it is, it no longer makes me whine,
For I am a featherless bird, even though I have
Empty mind and hollow bones
I feel too burdensome to soar the skies,
Where do I belong if not on the land or the blue?
To whom do I sing my songs to if they speak a language different to mine?
Should I be a desert and abandon everything?
Will it rain for my sake then?
Or will I be blown away from a cyclone?
Either way, it is too late I have learned living with,
Empty mind and hollow bones
Someone who has nothing to lose by not being able to fly,
And everything to lose by not being able to fly
Just an empty mind and hollow bones