An ode to lauv'abrarc

Oh lauv'abrarc, how highly we praise your name,
Conducting pious debaucheries in your fame.
We are grateful for the visions you bestow.
It gives hope to our lives mundane.

We desire to be the disciples of lust, our grace.
Nothing but your ecstasy, we long to face.
Dreaming for one day to become the Changed,
So we can truly indulge in, what we preach.

Forever in debt we are, for your gracious gifts,
since we know your sacrifice, Great Martyr.
To visit Lusst'ghaa, you give us a chance.
Access your land, through the erotic trance.

Desperate calls for aid, heed the worthy minds.
They shall give you full power once more.
But, our help is nothing compared to yours.
Through which we find, what we so adore.

We must save your sacred land from Gharn'ne.
To keep the home of our lecherous desires alive.
We shall not fail, for if we do, paradise shall fall.
And with it, everything the Initiator built so tall.

Through the assistance of the Inspired Mistress
and the Great Liberator, you created the world,
that you obtained after the conquest of the Caste.
Yet solely you lifted the empire, from the dull past.

Praised be you, lauv'abrarc and your allies.
Ac'mlale and Ughro'ecna are eternally engraved,
not only into our minds, but also hearts.
To be forever remembered.

Yv'h lauv'abrarc, Yv'h Lusst'ghaa...

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