Luna deschacht

No prescription...

I'm a 25year old girl with a passion for writing. I always felt the need to make people feel that no matter how hard and how long the road seems to be, they're never truly alone. Like many I've seen and been through a lot in my young life. I went to art school so painting and drawing is also a way …

You see life, life is an addiction.
An often fatal affliction.

To any persistent condition.
And the real trap medicine, with no prescription.

They claimed the powder would heal me, but all i got was confliction.
I didn't get healed see, instead I got stuck with an addiction.

It made me cold.
No more covering from thick dark clouds that are filled with snow and ice.
It doesn't matter cause no one has the dice.

Now you think you see me.
But i have more tricks than Houdini.

Do me a gesture and forgot about me, you feel me?
Cause if not by now, you'll never be able to see the real me.