Danis Howard


I love the universe.

Starring into your eyes is like looking in the lens of love,
 through pain it runs so deep, deep like the bottom of the ocean,
as you try to swim up to da shore to grasp for air you see me,
Im the mermaid Im the cutest thang you see before you reach to the top of the sea,
Not knowing that you wished for me at the bottom of the ocean
as you make one last wish to the genie he grants you a star,
and no not just any star one that is different and baby Im into different,
one you manifested as you kept hope and understood that with patience anything is possible,
Cause yes you are my yin to my yan,
and you complete me like a full circle,
and no I don't never want this cycle to end because with evey touch, every glance, every laugh i see beauty in the pain of a warrior who bleeds love,
as I work on myself and heal all the wounds to my past and become the best virgin of myself not for just me but for you as well,
cause me and you both know that this is not any ordinary love this love is magnetic and we are a whole force of fire and air,
Do i trust you yes as this rollercoaster takes off I understand that you have the control and Im fine with just that,
because Im ready to follow as you lead, elevate, and cultivate me on a higher level of existence,
as you play the keys to my piano we make music with every beat energetically,
and we have the world in the palm of our hands as we will climb at the top of the mountain peak together because baby we have chemistry so strong that we have done this previous lifetimes
and Im on cloud nine cause when I close my eyes I see u in my dreams and I know we were meant to be.

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