The update on my life is quite sad,
Now I have 8 letters I won't hear back,
Taking sedatives to clear my mind up,
Feeling addicted to them already, fuck ,
Cannot process any breakups at all,
I'm trying to remember all the words,
All the words you told me before ,
Guess you just got bored,
Bored of my actions ,
But now I really need a distraction ,
To get my mind off of this interaction ,
To get a bit of satisfaction,
How does it feel to break hearts that are patched?
I guess I just got too attached
Too attached to your beautiful face
To your great persona
I won't even forget these 6 months in order,
In order to at least remember how is it like to feel loved,
I still wanna get involvedĀ 
Involved in your life Involved in your mind,
Because If not the promise we made is gonna be undermined,
I wonder when you lost them,
I wonder what I did wrong,
I know that it's better for you,
But for me it just won't do,
Because I want to see someone in the morning,
And im fucking tired of hurting.