Gene Arbuthnot

The Raft

I have been published for a poem I wrote in 8th grade, Dead Drunk, for a magazine that has an inspirational poetry section. I have won awards for my poetry including 3 Golden Poets Award and a Merit Award. Presently, I am working on a manuscript, I hope, gets published to be an author.

Weather beaten and dry rot
No longer the new wood on the block
My beauty is taken, no longer new
Taken and replaced but just a few
The friends I made are no longer here
And my time coming is drawing near
Through the days and through the nights
The world turns on a different light
Passing ships and boats dock and load
The tide sets in, the water grows
The sun now sets and no one talks
To and fro the walk walk
It’s that time you all go home
Floating free now I’m alone