Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

With this man the demons had their way
among the tombs during night and day.
Men chained him attempting to subdue
and prevent what those demons made him do.

Ashamed he cut himself when so distressed,
then he ran to Jesus this man possessed.
'Legion, Come out of him,' the Master said
and at the Lords command the demons fled.

They had to obey for He was Divine
and fled to the hills entering the swine,
The two thousand pigs ran down the bank
falling into the sea they drowned and sank.

The Demons were gone, this man was made whole
no more in chains and agony of soul.
So he begged to go with Jesus on His way.
But the Lord had a plan for him that day.

Then, all dressed and in his right mind went he
through the ten cities giving testimony,
saying 'I came to Jesus all possessed
and now with His righteousness I'm dressed.'

To be clothed and possess my right mind
is now possible when Jesus I find.
So I ran to Him just as this man did
and from all my demons I've now been rid.