Kings Prayer before Battle

A retired adjunct professor with a strong desire for writing by inspiration.

Kings Prayer before Battle
By Rick Karlowsky

Time was not long ago, I see my friends in joy, when say no man betrayed another.

Yet these lowly years have carried the darkness, like ravens’ breast upon the souls of many.

Wallow in the blood in this darkness veil, takes my friend, my brother, and my father.

Lo I have felt the winged carrier of death at my own step, these many days.

Now is the time all men dread comes to the end of days for no purpose, serve man.

Yet, I have seen much, not woven by my hand, in as much; I give thanks, by yours.

Now the cup is poured empty, the vine shrivels and the carrion feast on its remains.

Grant me that wisdom before the night of my last day if it pleases you in mercy prayer.

Guide my hand, for in righteous name who follows, save honor.
In this day the savage dread comes haste, bear my strength to honor my name.

Should your will be this day my last, then let savage conscious flee, and let it be yours at full.

© R L Karlowsky 2004

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