Nathan Sloan

Stepped Away

Description of the relationship between husband and wife

I knew that she had looked away
I could read the signs,it was on your face
Refuse to touch,to hug,or make love
You try to step on me, like I'm just an old frayed rug
You look at me,you pretend that you here
Going through the motions acting like you still care
Who was he whom came forth,the one who stole your eye
Did he speak to you softly and say things just right
Is he tall like you like them,is he slimmer than me
Is he likely the one that you wanted me to be
Will he take you,hold you,wrap you in his arms
Will he stand and defend you,keep you from harm
Will he put you first,raise you up high
Is he gonna try and make you,his entire life
Will he have a heart that loves you more than himself
Even tell you he'll save you then walk right through hell
Are you gonna be the one ,that he waited to see
Will you take his hand and save him from his misery
Can he walk a straight line,make no mistakes
Will he take you and assure you,from nightmares your safe
Will he always be true,never tell you a lie
He might not be faithful and pull wool over your eyes
Listen real close because the end is so near
Don't live to regret this,true love ends right here
My heart is breaking,more and more with time
Not sure how I get this,all of my mind
I told you the truth,i said til the end of time
You'll keep on moving,you'll go on with life
I'll say good bye now,without you there's no light
Tell them. I love them,its all my fault
Nobody blames them,from my life that walked.
I'm here in this water,wrist burning in pain
Inside it hurts worse.just saying your name
I feel myself slipping,drifting away
You'll be the very last thought,on my mind today
Know that i love you,again we'll meet one day
You must let me.go,love will come back your way
  Farewell to this world that can't leave well enough alone