Srisham Dash


I am a 14 year old guy who loves cricket and loves to write.

After a long monotonous pandemic
the schools were gonna be unlatched
classes would be more authentic
But a big new problem hatched

If there was anything I loved
Even more than my life
Say cricket and it would all be summed
Which in India is quite a rife

And then it came:' The Problem '
A different time zone altogether
My parents being completely solemn
To my studies, I had a tether

Which enabled me to put studies before cricket
Or so my solemn parents thought
I certainly wasn't satisfied with a snippet
And that is exactly what they distraught

The matches being held in Australia
Would start in India at early morning
Just when I had to wear my Regalia
And go to school despite scorning

So, soon I accepted my fate
But still the last session- I could watch
Riding fast so I am not late
Not for school but for the match

But the first match being a pink ball test
Oh yes ! it stretched from day to night
Meaning with my friends I could jest
And watch the match with complete delight

The first day of the game
Went smooth and as expected
Not much for ferocious acclaim
But few performances prospected

The second day of the game
Australians put forth a challenge
But we were fast enough to tame
Then with its tail came a rechallenge

But then came a disaster
More worse than any cyclone
Like with a laser blaster
All our batters were blown

It seemed like a highlights package
Including wickets only
Unbelievable was the damage
No.11 standing lonely

'36' that's it
Was my reaction
It felt like a cobra bit
Without any prior action

I didn't have the gut
To see the highlight
All I could say was but
You're joking right?