Udawna Strasburg

Broken Life

Why am i so stupid
Why am i so dumb
Why am i so fat
Why am i not loved
Would life be better
If i wasn't here
Would the others laugh and also cheer
Would anyone miss me
If i was gone
Would they dance and sing a song
Would they notice
Or even care
That these thoughts are hard to bare
I cant go on
And live like this
No one would care
And i wouldn't be missed
I give up
The pain is to hard
The words are in my head
And now i am scarred
This is what one believes
That is bullied everyday
Because they believe the lies
That other people say.
The bullying has to stop
We have to do our part
Treat others with respect
That is how we start.
Tell others they are beautiful
And that you really care
Show them love and kindness
So much they'll want to share
This will touch a life
And may change how one feels
Just with kind words
Because the mean ones can kill.

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