Udawna Strasburg

The life and a day of our Mother Kaye

We went to your gravesite today
To see you once again
And to tell you a story
Of how some lives began.

There was a day, you met a man
And he made you his wife
Then you had me
And gave me life
You bathed me
And clothed me
And raised me with love
Gave me a sister
a gift from above
you taught us patience
and to be kind and good
you were always there
by our side you stood.
Two daughters you had
and that's all you thought there'd be
then suddenly our family
became daughters of three.
A teenage girl came into our hearts
you gave her guidance
and a brand-new start,
Although we've had our problems
look what we've grown up to be
one big loving happy family
then you became sick
and our lives were changed
Then we bathed you
and clothed you
like you did with us
back in the day.
There came a time
we had to say goodbye
you left this earth
and we questioned why.
You're one of the angels now
singing with glee
watching over your family
just like it used to be
You're no longer hurting
and you're by Jesus' side
giving us guidance
and we do abide.
You were our best friend
and our mother too
You are dearly missed
and we also love you!

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