Udawna Strasburg

I Miss You

I miss you mom
I miss you dad
I miss you so much
That it makes me sad
I know I shouldn’t
Because you’re pain free
But I do is that selfish of me?
I just want to hug you
And hold you tight
Ask for your forgiveness
And make things right
I know I’m not perfect
But you loved me so
I just want you here
And to never let go
I know you’re happy
And in a better place
It’s hard without you
It’s hard to face
To face the fact
That you’re not here
And that all I have
Is the memories I hold dear
Again I ask
Is it selfish of me
To want things
Like they used to be?
When I could just call you
And we would talk
What I wouldn’t give
To turn back the clock
I’d cherish those moments
More than I do
I’d tell you more often
That I love you
I hope you know this
Because it’s true
I miss you a lot
And I love you!

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