Olusesan Adesanya


Olusesan Adesanya is a Nigerian poet and data analyst, a football enthusiast, his works includes; Life, Remuneration, Frills of 21st century, Evils of the lost age, and The Score.

I see nothing but celestial revelation
Glowing in the dark
Slowly as I came
Soaring so high in the clouds
Liberation became the norm of my soul
Dream! An integral and eternal part of life
Difficulty! An assurance of a brighter age to come
Death! The primordial destiny of man
For if my generation hears my song
Sailing through the daggers of life
Singing songs of unripe fortunes
Branched at the sanctuary
To recharge my sinews
Oh! A place in the sun
Tracking the puzzled layout
Solving factors for the helpless
In alliance with faith and courage
I landed at the shore of olives
The pride of liberty.

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