Piyush Padwale


When a person is in love,
He keeps on flying like a dove,
He just loves the craze,
Due to which he doesn't sleep for days.

He always thinks about his love in his dreams,
He sees he & his love are eating ice creams,
And when the alarm screams,
He comes out of his romantic themes.

People say love is a relationship,
Which should have a permanent membership,
Should be more valuable than friendship,
And it should be a never-ending partnership.

Some say love is a waste of time,
And it is as sour as a lime,
Where there are others who say,
Falling in love isn't a crime.

Without love, life is so empty,
But you have my word, if you look around,
You Realize that love is plenty,
There is really no need of getting senti.

Love completes you,
Does not matter who,
The world’s just gonna keep speaking crap,
While the both of you, even in the others absence,
Keep dreaming of each other in your nap.

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