Saul Palti

Decisions (decide)

Death the oldest of all deceits
wholes wing poor some dry liquor
merry now dead and deceased
absorbed and sober one for her

welcomed into new life maybe
the harsher of all decisions
just as we will all pass someday
and deeds deceiver deceptions

who stands and calls her wildest bluff
parched across misters iron cloak
dark the colour of his enough
with feet long and thin he does soak

to be reborn to infinite
some calls a gate of true and false
or sent below for the long dig
wound the rider of this black horse

it was mealy my worst nightmare
brought to confess days had been spent
over lived on earths circle stair
this shadow arrived at lent

pure and simple thoughts yes to no
loves weakened ways enclosed
yellow padlock bolted on home
lost to dampness burning souls

playing with fire Oliver said
burnt fingers parted into two
fed up my full belly bled
justices fair women did know

and lastly the whistle blew
conquest approached strangely welcome
this died as the rest sank through
blown to suffer deep below