Olusesan Adesanya


Olusesan Adesanya is a Nigerian poet and data analyst, a football enthusiast, his works includes; Life, Remuneration, Frills of 21st century, Evils of the lost age, and The Score.

“There is a hidden god with this thing they call civilization”
We have all bowed to his voice
I wish I had roses and lilies
To beautify my thoughts, in a world where
Men have taken to enmity
In the name of territorial integrity
Me! a micro-mini-skirt beneath
My open-chest-chiffon
Alas the world would affirm of heavenly bodies on earth
Inventions of this molten era
Brought professor BOTULISM ANTHRAX
The provost of the Cosmopolitan University of HIV-AIDS
And Emeritus Professor EBOLA CORONA (Ph.D. Covid 19)
To South-East SARS to formulate policies
On population explosion
A game of luck has begun, an irony of survival
The death of dominion lingers amidst them
Whom are loved by the gods.

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