Lawrence S. Pertillar


Craving the taste,
To appetize and defend...
An addiction to feed,
Upon delicious fiction.
Is and has been an expensive delusion.
That fools made to feast this habit,
Refuse to believe will never be defeated.

Sickened have been the minds,
Dining to wine from time to time...
On delusions they can and will,
See the reality of truth...
Retreat and defeated.
Until from the table,
It is nolonger introduced.
Continue to expect,
Their portrayal to display power...
Will never lose its effectiveness.

Since fed to witness,
In movies and on their TV screens...
A replication they can take and create,
Depictions related to a way of life...
That has nothing to do,
With what is true.
So many isolated have yet to face.
Regardless of the weapons they choose.
In their mindless attempts,
To erase truth and its value.

And here we are today.
Living in the midst of fear and threats.
Not from foreign terrorists to suspect.
But ourselves.
Dressed in camouflage.
Doing what we know best.
Creating conflicts and division.
And a hopeful diminishing of diversity.
That those fed to feed on ignorance,
Seem only capable to digest!

Defending fiction.
Popularized to feed upon.
Craving more of it to digest.
Has become an expensive delusion.
Only fools refuse to believe and accept,
Defeats the truth and reality of it.

And yet...
With a consciousness
Blind and distorted.
By fear and threats of death.
Not from foreign terrorists.
But on their own land.
And in hometowns.
With a testing to taste,
Just how far their craving takes...
For a destruction that elimates,
The quality and way of life.
They nolonger appreciate.
Or can tolerate.
Its diversity to value.
For what it had been for them.
Before fiction they allowed to devour!

'You know...
I can't get enough of this funky stuff.
You should try it.'

'I have.
And it made me sick of it.'

Some of us were not born to digest,
The best that life has to offer.'

'You've got to be out of your mind!'

Hush up with that.
Lower your voice.
You may want that kind of attention.
I don't!