Sherry Caayupan

Into a Fortress

Sherry Caayupan is a poet from the Philippines.

You and me equals destiny,
As I wait, a prelude begins before eternity starts;
But, you and flowers brings sweetness,
The day won't last without your mere presence;

Then, love and romance gives ecstasy,
No other brings love so sweet as this;
As love and caress is untouched,
This love remains strong without ending;

While guilt and pleasure makes leisure,
Satisfaction makes the utmost jubilation;
Therefore, guilt and craving spells hunger,
Only appeased by gratuity that quenches the thirst;

Like eternity and blessings emit pleasings,
Love easily pleased shan't have agitation;
Henceforth, eternity and time remains timeless,
The time machine is only a mockery to turn back time;
...Into a fortress.