Darshan Jay Mistry

The Train Journey

Darshan Jay "DJ" Mistry is an Indian born creative person who grew up in Milton Keynes. Adopted orphan DJ grew up in a working class family. Although he did not complete high school, DJ studied music, drama, languages, computing and the sciences. Autistic, victim of bullying and suffering…

Five, six, seven, eight...

Each different one, I count
Onto the train, I mount
My mind, a cacophony
My thoughts, a mystery
Rude riders, disjunct noises
In front of unheard voices
At the station, all getting on
Inside the tube, all getting thrown

All the keys played together
A spell of bad weather
Busy as bees, they run
A boy with an imaginary gun
Points his tree branch at me
I put my hands up and try to flee
The clock ticking loud
I feel squished and overcrowd

The noise vibrates through my bones
Rips the flesh with the chords of semitones
No space to manoeuvre and escape
My thoughts resisting taking shape
I stop, I falter
They slow down and saunter
Then everything doubled pace
I jump out the train, flat on my face

Passengers to and fro
Lost a long time ago
A cortège proceeded through the crowds
Trampling over bodies, accompanied by black clouds
I limp around in circles
Jumping over giant hurdles
Getting nowhere
Getting nowhere

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