Kay Schuette

Online Lovers

Our love is forever timeless.
On this screen of blue,
In a world full of wonderment,
My Joy was finding you.

Do you know how much I love you?
Do you know how much I care?
How lonely I am without you,
When I don't find you there!

We want to be together,
To share our life of love.
Just to hold each other,
Blessed from God above.

But the miles stay between us,
No matter how much we try.
Other obligations, create such a fuss,
As the months and years go by.

Together we have weathered storms.
Created from jealousy and strife,
Our love remains forever strong.
For our souls are one as Husband & Wife!

For now we have our land of dreams.
Where only we can go.
A Special place, where our love beams
Like the colors of a beautiful rainbow.

Hold my hand, my Whiteknight,
Walk and laugh with me awhile.
Love me as your Starbright,
Forever share my smile!

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