Esteban Rodriguez

Little Hands and Little Feet

A new poet that turned to poetry as a tool to process through emotions and get in better touch with the emotions one encounters in life. This is one of the first poems written.

Little hands, little feet
Swaddled up and sleeping
Dependent on someone to protect and nurture
So innocent
So beautiful
Little hands that will grab, clutch, hold, & eventually hug
Little feet that will stand, walk, & run
I will love you, nurture you, protect you, teach you, guide you, and always be there for you
You are angel sent from heaven
A miracle that has entered our lives
Teaches us to live in the present
Teaches us to be honest and true
For these little hands & little feet are watching, observing, learning, mimicking
Growing before our very eyes
Don’t you worry little hands
Just feel the warmth of my hugs
The love in my eyes and smiles
Feel the coolness of my kisses
The soothing of my voice
One day these little hands & little feet will make me laugh, cry, happy, and proud
I know because they already make me love