Diana Sanders

Tomorrow Has Flown Away

Hi, Diana here, I am a quilter and an amateur poet. I enjoy the creative outlet that both quilting and poetry offer me. I think that both of these pursuits are enriching in their own way, but are also different in other ways.

It's true it's just another day
A time for reflection and a time for warning
As we stand upon the threshold of the final curtain
And all our leading fates rise
Forever comes the last curtain
The clock says to let us go down to the river
The last curtain says to let us pray
Forever we stand upon the stage
With all our sins and souls, and all secrets
Tie up your tie (your tie)
And let your heart not burn with pain
Until you can see tonight
That your dancing is for yesterday
Tomorrow has flown away
I stood up a few flights away
And froze I could hear
Haven't made the bed
She says we stand outside
Your arms around each other

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