Lawrence S. Pertillar

Climate Change

I am no longer one unconvinced,
About a climate change...
Becoming a permanent Earth event.
Since recently I witnessed,
A group of teenage squirrels...
Fanning their nuts to keep them cool.
Claiming them too hot to touch.

'I know.
You are waiting for me to respond.
I believe I saw those same squirrels,
Standing in line,
At a dentist office downtown.
Trying to convince themselves,
If they got their teeth capped...
The heat from their nuts,
They wouldn't feel at all.'

'Why do you make up such nonsense?'

You don't believe me?

'The climate change yes!
The squirrels, no!
Squirrels I know,
Touch their own nuts.
Then alone,
Hide what they do with them...
Somewhere up in trees secretly!'

'They are the conservative ones.
I'm not talking about them.
They do everything privately.