mommy" little Angel

mommy i love you please don"t hurt me it took nine months to make me you know its a sin to kill me i promise if you let me live to i wont hold that against you i will just move on and dream about wonderland and visiting Disney land maybe some day if you have a heart and want to find me again i will always be here with open arms i will not get mad and ask a bunch of questions cause i understand maybe there was something going on in your diligent mind at the time that you couldn't comprehend how diligent i am but if you still decide to aboard me let me say one more thing i will always remember being inside of your womb keeping me safe and warm just remember i will always love you and be your guardian angel that would always watch over you so i am not worried about it either way i will always be with you dead or alive because i am your guardian angel before i have to die let me take five minutes time out to catch my last breath and meditate you holding me in your arms for the last time ok im done im going home now