My Collection of Short Poems

I want to know where you are.
I want to know who you are with.
I want to know who you are.

I want to be
Wrapped in your arms,
So I know
That I’m safe,
That I’m home.
Black and whites
Are seperated.
Blacks and whites
Are together.
Black and whites
Are now equal.
I am an introvert.
That is okay.
I am negativity.
That is not.
You were resurrected;
Your dead soul
Now alive.
Don’t know where you are.
Who can you turn to?
That osculator!
So lucky not to be lonely.
That osculator is lucky.
You’ve shown perfidiousness.
How rude.
How mean.
How disgraceful.
You winebibber,
You will never see me again.