Matthew Light

More Important Than Love

Matthew Light is a 4 time veteran of foreign wars, a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, and a father of 5. He loves music, reading, writing, football, and his children.

Burning, wasted, time flew over.
Another departed love, another chain not broken.
Arched backs swinging the grass over shoulders,
Bleeding callouses, fingers bent with motion.

Beauty of the blackness, hand brushes cheeks,
Smiles left from lips, nothing left of teeth.
Sweat glistening diamonds, rolling down the weathered face,
Wind picks up to blow her hair, Earth’s sweet embrace.

Brutality of the masses, heading for an immanent disaster,
Heads held high with no replies, none left for the masters.
Alone in rooms of their own, writing so others will be learning,
One should notice her wings are there, left bleeding and still burning.

To love is to hate, to pride is to wallow,
Strip off the skin to see what’s in the marrow.
None more regaled or detested,
So much of their time they have invested.

To prove some unworthy of so much praise,
Means to bow down to the ones that they say they hate.
Holding hands and moving far with wings of doves,
The birth of a word, just as certain, more important than love.