Dr. Medhavi Chourey

Best friends forever

VISITING FACULTY – Communication Skills, Grooming and Personality Development( MP Tourism) (IHM) - 10 years and MPIHTTS Ph.D., English Literature, Bhopal University. M.Phil., Psychology, Bhopal University.1989. MBA (HR) Profile at a Glance Proactive, persevering educationist armed with a do…

We are so different but so much alike
So varied is what is what you and I like

We are likechalk and cheese
You always do what you please

Whe I meet you time seems to stop
We giggle and shop till we drop

You have been so affectionate with me
Fun to sit with you and have tea

You are a blessing in disguise
Having burgers and fries

You have always been so understanding
The reason for our strong bonding

It's not about the times we meet
Whenever we do, it's a treat

It's an amazing feeling to have you in life
To cherish you throughout is my strife

You are truly one person to be with
Friendship demands time is a myth

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