Ashlyn Brena

Our Last Song

Ashlyn Brena is a Zimbabwean writer born on the 24th of June 2001. He is a writer of poetry, short stories,songs, short and feature films. He is rooted in the theme of love. He is the C.E.O and Founder of Pies_negros.

Singing and dancing from the heart,
Hugging, kissing and ******
all was for a short while

I'm sad but my sadness is hidden behind my smile.
"Till death do us part" they still echo in my head,
Was it worth it? Nothing lasts forever i know
but you should have lived a few years with me.

All those moments shared come back as memories made,
I remember the first thing you said to me,
How i didn't look bad at all
I remember dancing bare footed to our favourite slow song

When love gets sweeter the angel of death becomes jealous
because of fate there's no more us, but a sad lonely me
You were too good to be real,
I told you that angels look like you
and now you're laying with them singing our song from the pillow of your grave.