From doom and gloom to ecstasy

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

His body had been wrapped and firmly bound
as it lay dead and lifeless in the ground.
The stone rolled over shutting out the light
and the door of death was sealed up so tight.

Outside the grave all hope has been shattered
despair was rife, His disciples scattered.
Where will they all go and what shall they do?
For all their hopes had been centred on You.

All forlorn, they did not know what to say
defeat and disappointment filled their day.
Then Mary came running into the room
with this wonderful message from the tomb.

"He's alive! He has come back from the dead
and He has arisen just like He said.
Defeating death and conquering the grave
then rising with mighty power to save."

"Jesus is alive! Come with me and see
for He has won the mighty victory.
Rejoice with me as the good news I tell
that He has triumphed over death and hell."

Death's been conquered by Christ the crucified.
The doors of death have been burst open wide.
He's risen in the power of endless life
and has conquered Death by sacrifice.