Teresa Whitney

Standing At The Gate.

Born and raised in Washington State as well as growing up in S. California, I now reside in Mooresville N. C. for the past 20 yrs. A wife for 30 yrs before loosing my late husband, a mother of 2 son's , grandmother of 6 children & great grandmother of 2 . College educated with an AA in Drug and…

The day will soon arrive,
I will meet you at the gate,
When your plane arrives,
I cannot hardly wait,

To see you standing there,
At the next airport,
Knowing within my mind,
I have so much to sort,

Uncertain of my reactions,
I beg you to prepare,
Because you see my darling,
I will touch you right there,

When that day arrives,
I will ache so at the wait,
Crying heart felt tears,
Standing at the gate.

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