Ashmita Singh

There is one small little girl

Learner, dreamer, listener, reader, accidental writer

There is one small little girl;
finding herself in this big world.
She's sweet, she's simple;
emotional and sensitive too.
Kind a bit lazy;
But that is okay - she thinks so.

Her heart and soul are
respectively, happy and pure.
She believes in her
something is extraordinary for sure.

There are many dreams in her eyes.
Yes, it's true ...... She rarely lies.

Don't judge this little girl,
She's mentally and emotionally very strong.
Truly knows the difference between
what's right and what is wrong.

Her parents are her strength and weakness.
She is like their shadow,
this girl has only a goal in her life
to make them feel proud on her any how.

She's a learner, a dreamer, a thinker
A true self lover in her own style.
She has given herself the title of
  'The youngest Cinephile'.

She stays away from the world of
negativity, violence, hatred and aggression
Don't you think,
She is the perfect example of lmperfection.

There is one small, little girl;
'The queen of her own dreamy world'.