Ashlyn Brena


Ashlyn Brena is a Zimbabwean writer born on the 24th of June 2001. He is a writer of poetry, short stories,songs, short and feature films. He is rooted in the theme of love. He is the C.E.O and Founder of Pies_negros.

All your peers have turned back to dust,
everyone you knew breathed their last
but you still sit there,
wearing he same dress Da Vinci gave you.
Are you not tired of being alone?

You're still young and beautiful'
when all you boyfriend's faces wrinkled ages ago,
they all kissed you goodbye coz they had to go,
but i'm still here, my heart had been melting for you.

Stand up hold my hand and lets move out of Paris
i'll show you a small world of happiness
where the moon and stars kiss at night,
where all clouds carry drops of love.

I'll be like Leonardo,
to paint you a smile that never feds,
to paint you a heart whose love never ends
to paint to innocent eyes whose tears never sheds