melita catalina warren

A Pealing Bell

I am a senior citizen, visual artist, and inspirational poet. My spiritual quest to know Jesus Christ intimately relates to many of my rhymes. However, I also write romantic rhymes and rhymes drawing from other topics. One of my goals is to illustrate my rhymes with my original drawings.

Our blessed Lord and sojourners draw near,
Expecting a miracle, being of good cheer.

Up a staircase, under a crystal chandelier,
Suddenly beaming angels appear.

A euphoric chorus makes it’s premier.
We delight in melodies we so endear.

Christ comprises the good we revere.
He guides us forward, helps us persevere.

Disciples blaze a trail through the years,
Servants obey the voice they hear.

Through a smoky haze through a glass we peer,
Walking with Christ through veil of tears.

Christ’s perfect love casts out fear,
A distant bell peals so loud and clear.