Lawrence S. Pertillar

Glossed Exteriors

Smudged and dusted to polish,
A cloaking to smother over...
From back to front.
Up and down that presents the image.
Glowing, sparkling, eyes dancing,
Flawless and blemish free image.
Is a duty to do daily done and did.
To boost morale and comfort of those,
Wanting it wished they are seen to be...
Loyal and patriotic to a way of life,
And the quality of it...
Kept to stay perceived,
As perfect as fiction permits it.

Picture to paint.
What reality to live it known to see,
Would take more than a thousand words...
No picture to paint,
Could ever come close...
To do the truth justice.
The greatness of it not to yet witness,
Makes absolutely no difference...
For those who have been taught to defend,
Delusions to imagine them into existence!