Nicola Baxter


I have wrote many poems over the years, poetry has helped me express what I could not express verbally, and has helped me grow inwardly. I have written poems on many different topics, some humorous stories in poetry form, and some deep meaningful and emotive ones, inspired by events, and from perso…

All I need is a little peace
And for the wining to cease
To be able to sit on the toilet seat
Without prying eyes at my feet

To eat my dinner with no distraction
Without little hands making subtraction
For my child to just do what I ask
Not make it like it's a real big task

To get themselves dressed without complaining
To wear there coat when it' raining
To pick up their toys, and put them away
Not to roam to far, when they go out to play

Oh I love my child, and I do all that I can
Even on my own, without a good man
Yet I need to get some rest is that asking for to much?
For some support, a helping hand a welcome crutch?

A day without screaming, a day without snot
A day of peace and quiet, I'm not asking for a lot
A mother's day in and a mother's day out
 "I want my teddy" I hear my child shout

It's a day in the life of a mother all alone
No one to support her, works hard in her home
It's hard work that go's unnoticed, hard work that's not seen
It's the hardest job going, it's not at all like peaches and cream