Tori Haku

If I had a wish

Wrote many poems since the age of 10. Used to write depression poems but now writes all types of poems to get my feelings out.

If I had a jeanie or dragon come up to me and say:
You could have anything in the world you can make one wish then I can not stay.

I would wish for you.
Wish for you to have no struggles,
For you to have no pain,
For you to not cry in sadness because sadness would be at bay.

I would not wish to be with you or any of that sort,
I'd wish for you to have an amazing life, because life is so short.

If being with me fits in that hole then that's icing on the cake,
But content forever for you is the wish I am really trying to make.

You deserve the best because you are the best this is true.
If I had all the dragonballs I'd wish for you to never be blue.
With that being said it would keep me feeling new.

I would know you were doing great and I would never have to fear.
All I ever want is good for you and I would love to see that persevere.