Ernestine Mims


I’m a freelance writer.

He was the black sheep of thirteen & labeled /justified as Mean.
He left home very early as a teen, later he changed his name to join the WAR Scene.
He traveled from State-to-State, But landed in California, which became his Fate.
At any rate—-He was the (1st) first Mohigan of the (BOWENS) clan, that took this journey and made a STAND.
“(My My My- “WHAT A MAN)”.
He built his family foundation without regret or any RECOMMENDTION.
From BLOOD & SWEAT— I’ve Never Met A Man Like Him Yet ! with any limits or HESITATION.
He had Hopes and Fears but proclaimed to live a (HUNDRED YEARS).
Although; On the outside he showed tough feelings of HYDE.
But he was equipped inside to show his Heart, his Pride, and his Hurt and Pain INSIDE.
His Character was sometimes described as a Hurricane and a Roaring TIDE.
“You saw this image when he drove his BLUE RIDE.
He had a Mysterious way with people, whether you liked him or not. He spoke Straight, Forward and to the point (BLUNT) a lot.
He’d call himself LUCKY, Because MONEY was his FORTAY and it always managed to come his WAY.
He was A (1) One MAN show, either he had you laughing OR crying or YOU saying I cant take NO MO.
From his SEED many Generations have grown, yet his memory is faintly known, and unless taught they will never NO.
His sacrifices Lives today. Moreover; We humble you So...