Tori Haku

Always Thinking of You

Wrote many poems since the age of 10. Used to write depression poems but now writes all types of poems to get my feelings out.

While I am sitting here alone in my room, I think of the amazing energy you give and show.
You are the most wonderful man in the world and you should really know.

Sorrow fills my heart because I know I can not be with you.
Blue skies become grey because of what I have been through.
When I hear your voice on the phone, or see a picture of you,
I become so easily moved by how wonderful inside and out you are and how you are so true.

You are so real and so honest, and that is one main thing I love,
We have so much in common, we seem to fit like a perfect glove.

You are so passionate and caring, you seem to never bat an eye,
whenever someone needs help, you are always there to try.

One day maybe we can be as one, cuddling watching tv,
but for now I will always think of you, and you can always think of me.