Wow, Did you see what Jesus did?

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

Unclean, unclean" the leper had to say
and sadly watch the people run away.
But then to Jesus at the mountainside he came
to be healed of all his sickness and his shame.

Wow! Did you see what Jesus went and did?
He touched the man from whom the people hid.
The Holy One embraced this unclean soul
taking away his shame to make him whole.

Jesus wants to do this for you and me,
for stricken and smitten of God was He.
All of our sins upon Him have been laid
when on the cross the price of sin He paid.

There on Calvary's hill His blood He shed
and for our healing He suffered and bled.
Then, "Father, forgive, them" out loud He cried
and the decree of God was satisfied.

The leprosy of sin on Him was laid
as the price upon that cross Jesus paid,
and deep healing of body, soul and mind
at the cross of Calvary we can find.