Sheila M Clavo

Dear Alexis

Southern Lady, Poet, disabled, whose teachers pushed me to write in elementary school. I didn't have confidence so I was a Girl Scout, volunteered, and had a lot of Barbie Dolls as well as an Easy Bake Oven. I didn't stop writing. People kept being supportive with my work. Suddenly I found myself …

Into the world you were born
Dad watches you as you rest in his arm
He's so excited that you're finally here
But for you this world I fear

Mom loves you as much as she can
Big Sis say she's your greatest fan
More Granny's than the law will allow
We look at you with a Heavenly smile

Many family members & distant cousins
Send you all of their loving
First great grandchild in Dad's family
You're just as cute as you can be

You're one month old & eating better
But you're still as lite as a feather
Many people say you're a good baby
Will they say the same, if you're a lady

We want to see you grow up healthy
For us, we don't care if you're wealthy
Just remember you're Dad's lil girl
Many Blessings to you in our crazy world