Sheila M Clavo

Ceremony Of Life

Southern Lady, Poet, disabled, whose teachers pushed me to write in elementary school. I didn't have confidence so I was a Girl Scout, volunteered, and had a lot of Barbie Dolls as well as an Easy Bake Oven. I didn't stop writing. People kept being supportive with my work. Suddenly I found myself …

I've been on the path of a bad kid.
The devil's path I must forbid.
Only you my Savior, can help me rid.
Of the burning flames
Where I have closed the lid
To a world you forbid.
Since, I've turned away and chose your gig.
Bless me, with a future that is big.
My life is now full of flavor
Prayers, and Heavenly behavior.
Thanks to you my Blessed Savior.
For the devil's path is an isore
To a world I must ignore
It's your world I adore.
Please, guide me on the path to your doors
Because a future with you is now my chore.
To the devil's path, I want no more.
From morning til night, I now pray.
Of a path to the world in which you stay.