Heart Butterfly

Go Straight To The Yellow Dragon

“The red carts on the No.7 road will come to the No.5 road. My carts was nailed to the bottom of the Gaixia by Han Xin, and the princes gather in the chess game, and the autumn wind is dusty.”
“Break through the encirclement. The war horse slayed a blood way and walked south to the Wujiang River. Wujiang River, where I came from, where I went to.”
“Ambush on all sides. Thousands of miles alone have passed, in the endgame, the cannon returns home, the horse wins the cannon, and the general takes off his robe.”
“Why are carts, horses and cannons all over the mountains, from there?”
“At ninety intersections on both sides of the Chu River and the Han boundary,it took five years.”
“I am also a traveler in Wujiang River. I sent away eight thousand soldiers and Yuji, my love.”
“There must be a way for the carts to reach the mountain, and now it refers exclusively to the Han army. The general’s path is also the way back.” “The past is nothing but a drop of water. An independent person has a waning moon on both of shoulders.” “Being embarrassed on all sides, one more ride.The setting sun returns to the root, everything is so complicated and simple.”
“The Wujiang River is deep, and what lost will be found there, together with Yuji.”
“If there is an afterlife, we are still brothers. We are totally unrecognizable, lonely in the noise.”
“In the afterlife, I don’t know you, you don’t know me.”
“I only have one pair of eyes, you only have one pair of eyes. I feel the pain in my ribs.”
“The flower of life has withered. A pair of black eyes and a red cloak. What you see is the shell.”
“Go straight to yellow dragon. In the end, the carts, horses and cannons behind must step on all shadows, including myself. Farewell, my brother.”
“Farewell, my brother. The blood turns around to greet and flows to another world.”
“Xiao He wrote down:The Battle of Gaixia in the Fifth Year of the Han Dynasty, destroyed the Chu Army, and the war between Chu and Han was ended.”

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