Dr. Medhavi Chourey

The World would be a better place!!

VISITING FACULTY – Communication Skills, Grooming and Personality Development( MP Tourism) (IHM) - 10 years and MPIHTTS Ph.D., English Literature, Bhopal University. M.Phil., Psychology, Bhopal University.1989. MBA (HR) Profile at a Glance Proactive, persevering educationist armed with a do…

If we would all take care of each other
With a big heart and live peacefully

Could forgive and forget move ahead
Overlook mistakes of others and don't mad

Move ahead in life, forget the past
Do not let bad memories actually last

Cherish all the beautiful moments of life
Learn to integrate all goods and embibe

Only if people could have more tolerance
Then in life there would be a better balance

Vengence hurts not only others but you too
So be very careful of what you do

Be the kind of person whom people admire
And to be with you is what they desire

Lead a simple life and spread happiness
Help others overcome their unhappiness

World would be a better place to live
If we all practiced Live and Let Live!!

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