Lawrence S. Pertillar


The mind?
We all are born to have one.
And it has a capacity unlimited.
Boundless without restrictions.
Or have the use of it seen.

What goes in all of our minds,
Stays stored within a memory.
And that which comes out,
Is picked to select.
Finding its way through one's mouth.
Letting it known,
Not too much is dropped.
From one's memory.
Forgotten unremembered.

Although many will say convincingly,
About a forgiving to forget...
Unwarranted misdeeds to them done.
To have this believed,
By those confessing their apologies.
To then test the forgiver,
Delivering their forgiveness to get...
Heard and received.
To once again believe,
Over and over again...
Those same misdeeds,
Will again receive a forgiveness to get it.

These activities,
Go nowhere to disappear.
Gone to be forever forgotten.
Since somewhere staying in one's mind,
A repetition of such acts...
Loosens from a storage.
Where they had in the mind,
Had been attached.
And out from one's mouth they come.
As if a cleaning is being done.
Removing unnecessary,
An excessive storage of useless B.S.

"You said you had forgiven me.
Of those misdeeds I confessed to do.'

'I did.
Many times as I remember.
That to do you should remember too!'

'I do.'

'Then maybe you do or don't,
My capacity for B. S. has reached,
Beyond it's limits.
And no room in my mind,
Do I have for more of your nonsense.
I'm done.
I'm through.
Again I forgive you.
However, that's it.
I have had enough of your...'

'You don't have to say it.'

Now go.'